Hi, I'm Kecia

I’m wildly passionate about photography and the couples that I get to work with on a daily basis. I love to envelope my clients in an all-immersive experience and not only capture their unique, one-of-a-kind love behind the camera, but also have them walking away knowing that they are worthy of love and worthy of all the good things that life has to offer them. I’m an incredibly warm-hearted person and I put every inch of my heart and soul into my work. I always make sure to go out of my way to go above and beyond for the couples that I serve. I love to see the beauty in life – even in the small things, like where the sun is glazing the back of a bride’s hair, or the way the groom is staring into the love of his life’s eyes on their wedding day as he cups her jaw and kisses her for the first time as his wife.

During each wedding or elopement, I love to encapsulate my clients in my fun, lighthearted, carefree personality to the point where they feel like it isn’t even a contractual obligation, but rather a deep, treasure-filled, heart pounding adventure. There’s nothing more that I love more than making my clients laugh and feel comfortable in front of my camera. I always want them to know they can fully trust me and my unique, creative, wonder-filled vision for their big day. By the end of any elopement or wedding I photograph, my clients and I have become good friends, and we’ve had plenty of laughs, smiles, and joy-filled tears along the way. It is my passion to show the love of Christ through me to anyone I work with.

Traveling ignites my soul.  There is nothing I love more than tasting and experiencing different walks of life, different cultures, and uniting everyone through my photography.

If you work with me, I can promise you that you’ll have a one-of-a-kind adventure with you and your lover where your heart will wildly beat out of your chest, where you’ll feel the joyful thrills of being human, and where you’ll get to experience your love on a whole different electric level.